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Sam Cheow pro-actively envisions the future — a disruptive perspective that engages the next wave of groundbreaking innovation as something that can be created or shaped today in real time — ahead of the curve but solidly on point. 


A self-described “Trend Economist” with more than 15 years' experience in the beauty industries, Cheow has a discerning finger on the pulse of fashion, beauty and pop-culture at large — authoritatively identifying emerging product and beauty trends while effectively developing and monetizing forward-looking innovations into applicable market strategies and products for both sexes.


From identifying the next headline-grabbing haircut, to the colors we will all be wearing on our eyes, to introducing frontline skincare ingredients offered in conjunction with newly personalized services in customized beauty — Sam excels at streamlining production from concept to consumer in order to capitalize on the momentum of a hot trend. 


A L’Oréal veteran with over 18 years in global brand, marketing, and product development, Sam Cheow’s current mission is to consult and advise L’Oréal USA on acceleration and investment in trends and market-crushing innovations that he both identifies and develops — all towards the goal of driving growth and maximizing the recruitment of new consumers. 


In addition to his role as a forecaster, Sam also serves as the head of métier for Hair, Makeup, Skin, Men’s & Alternative Business while providing strategic counsel to the CEO, CMO and the division presidents by identifying new incubation opportunities and integrating these opportunities by way of partnership or acquisition.


Sam Cheow is also the founder of a new internal business structure called the ‘CMO Agency’. The agency is focused on incubating and accelerating new ideas by harnessing an entirely new way of working internally. Comprised of handpicked internal entrepreneurs, CMO ‘agents’ are ultimately responsible for hacking and harvesting the best mind-candy in the intellectual marketplace — bringing exciting new products and experiences to the L’Oréal labs at an accelerated speed.


From piloting an Essie Vending Machine in airports and malls, launching the innovative foundation sampling strip for L’Oréal Paris, initiating partnerships for Kérastase, Essie, and Lancôme with on-demand beauty startups such as Glam Squad, to accelerating the launch of the first customizable foundation for Lancôme, Sam is a marketer and curator of all things beauty — a unique fusion of entrepreneurial skills combined with brand and product development.


Prior to joining L’Oréal, Sam had a brief affair with Peter Rabbit in Europe and was responsible for introducing him to China.


Previously, he led various agencies in Auckland, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Singapore to pitch (and win) select accounts. A key highlight of his early career was being appointed as Managing Director of CCG.XM, an interactive agency, at the age of 23. Sam built the agency from scratch, expanding it from 1 employee to a staff of 12, and broke even in year one. CCG.XM was later acquired by rival WPP. His award-winning work included projects for global brands such as HSBC, Intel, Cisco, TIME Magazine, Heineken, Singapore Airlines, PlayStation, Nintendo, Schwarzkopf and Wendy’s. 



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